N.W. Custom Curbing - Creating custom concrete curb, edging, and landscape borders since 1990

N.W. Custom Curbing provides machine-extruded continuous landscape edging to enhance gardens, driveways, patios, walkways or any landscaped area. The finished product not only looks great, but it is a cost-effective method to create mower strips, driveway curbs and very functional and stylish garden edges for property owners.

Curbs can be produced in many styles and shapes and be contoured to fit any landscape design. The finished result is quickly achieved and the difference it makes to your yard is simply amazing!

The three most common styles that we install between grass and flower beds are shown below.

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Most common styles of concrete borders installed by N.W. Custom Curbing

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Common styles that we install on top of asphalt are most commonly referred to as commercial curbing but can also be used for residential applications. The styles are listed below.

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