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What are the advantages of continuous concrete borders over other edging solutions?

  1. Compared to wood or timber installation, there is no threat of termites or rotting. Keep in mind that now many homeowners’ associations are banning wood installations because of these problems.

    Weathered and rotted wood edge.     Example of poor wood installation.

  2. Compared to metal edging you simply don’t have the rusting, separation and above ground heaving. All these lead to long-term maintenance costs not found with concrete edging. Due to the nature of the metal edging being narrow, with concrete curbing you don't run the risk of picking up rocks or bark dust from your landscape beds while mowing.

  3. Compared to plastic edging, you also don’t have the separation and above ground heaving. In addition, you don’t have the stigma and cheap look associated with a plastic product as well as the problems with being narrow like the metal edging.

  4. Compared to pavers, scalloped bricks or prefab mower edge products, continious concrete edging doesn't run the risk of moving around after being installed.

    Scalloped brick prefab border looks irregular and unprofessional.     You can see what the results look like when prefab mower style curbing is installed.

  5. Longevity - continuious concrete curb will outlast any of the other products listed on this page. The following are some photos of some curb that was installed by N.W. Custom Curbing 15 years ago and still looks great!

    This curb was installed 15 years ago and still looks great.     This curb was installed 15 years ago and still looks great.

Good curb versus Bad Curb - choosing a qualified and professional installer that guarantees their work is just as important as deciding to go with continuous concrete curb for your commercial or residential projects. See some pictures of bad curb installations here.

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